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Ride Burnout in Vans ‘Evergreen’

The Vans EverGreen movie from 2019/20 season was released this past December and had the task of succeeding one of, if not the best received snowboard project of recent times, Vans ‘Landline’ (linked below)

As well as having to follow up land line, Evergreen is only Vans’ second full length, independent snowboard film and as the saying goes, the sequel will never be as good as the original, so we feel it’s fair to say it was always going to be a tough task to follow up. But director Tanner Pendleton hit a home run on Evergreen as it held up the standard set by landline putting their snowboard films in the highest calliper and one of the most prestigious to be featured in.

The film is built around a collective desire to create something special between a group of friends, as spoken by Director Tanner “As a team, everyone grows closer day by day,”. “As people, we’ve grown as well, both on and off the hill. I love each and everyone in this film so much and I hope that comes through in one way or another.” The movies visual aesthetics make the film to sort of thing your grandparents could appreciate more as a dynamic art piece rather than solely a snowboard production.

Featured in the film is Cole Navin and Spencer Shoeburt, both riding the Ride Snowboards Burnout we have in stock at £289.95 via our store & linked below .

Salomon Snowboards Sleepwalker

SleepWalker in Klappen

Hot off the press, the spring time haven of Klappen Snowpark, Sweden, (Home resort of Sven Throgren) hosted the Salomon Snowboards Team. The edit ‘ Clappin in Klappen’ features the heavy hitters in the Salomon Pro Team; Sven Throgren, Judd Henkes, Dusty Hendricksen, Mikhail Khvatov, and Novalie Engholm. After the Audi Nines 2021 Judd and Dusty headed up north from Switzerland to Sweden on their Euro tour to link up with the rest of the crew based up in Sweden.

Clappin’ in Klappen Salomon Snowboards Team edit.

The edit Features Mikhail ripping around on the Salomon Sleepwalker dubbed the ‘Budget Park Performer’ which we in stock in a variety of sizes. For more info on the board check out the link below.

Dancehaul in Laax

R: Dylan Norder P: Marco Morandi

Laax is regarded by many as the freestyle capital on Europe for good reason, as showcased by the Salomon Snowboards Euro Team. The edit featuring Sebi Springeth, Dylan Norder, Flo Corzelious, Gian Sutter and Alex Taferner showcases some easy on the eye riding and the versatility of the Salomon Dancehaul. Awarded by Whitelines Snowboard Mag ‘Best All-Mountain Snowboard 2020/21’ it is easy to see why, this board can do it all! You can check out their full review via the link below: https://whitelines.com/snowboard-gear/reviews/snowboards/salomon-dancehaul-2020-2021.html

Salomon Dancehaul

The Dancehaul was a fresh addition to their stellar line up this year and has never looked out of place the eye catching graphic and host of high end tech makes it perfect for ripping around the hill, slashing, boosting off side hits or jibbing around the park. The versitility has made it a firm favourite with the Team and next years model has been seen ridden by newest international Team rider Sven Thorgren. You can watch his ‘Welcome to the Team’ edit below.

Follow the link below for more info on the Dancehaul and for the opportunity to pick yourself up a highly sought after board for the 2020/21 season:

Watch Our Boards

Watch Our Boards is a space on our site that will feature the dopest content from around the globe in which some of the boards we stock will be featured! Let us know your thoughts and feedback and as always if you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the contact us page on the website. Starting with the Ride Snowboard Kink X Jed Anderson.

Ride Snowboards Kink

Jed Andersons Reality Breakdown

Ride Snowboards Kink

Reality Breakdown as presented by Ride Snowboards is Jed Andersons full part filmed in North America. Filmed and edited by Jake Durham, this is a showcase of what two creative masterminds can put together. This is Jeds second full part since his return to the scene after some time out and it certainly seems as if he picked up where he left off.

*Spoiler Alert* The switch back 2 through the double kink is ridiculous as shows why he is still so highly regarded after bursting onto the scene filming for Sunday in the Park with Justin Mayer all those years ago.

This video is an excellent tribunal of what the kink is all about. For more info on the board follow the link below.

Reality Breakdown Presented By Ride Snowboards

If you’re interested in learning more about Jed and his story he was recently featured on the bombhole podcast which you can listen to via the link below and we’d highly recommend! 

Jed Anderson Featuring On The Bombhole Podcast
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