The Sellars Tee is named after architect James Sellars who designed the Stewart Memorial Fountain, the centre of this T-Shirt’s artwork. The design is a framed collage made from photographs taken of the Stewart Memorial Fountain and blossom in the park in mid April 2021. The collage also features a quote from Sir Walter Scott’s “The Lady of the Lake”. The narrative poem was used by Sellars to design the Fountain with the Lady herself standing at the top. The message the quote provides is to appreciate and find joy in your surroundings and the little things along the way. It can be easy to loose sight of what you have, until its no longer there. Hopefully this T-Shirt will encourage people to stop for a moment and enjoy what they have.

This shirt is made with Organic Cotton and is PETA-Approved Vegan.


Size Guide

SmallMedium Large X-Large
Half Chest49cm51.5cm54.5cm57.5cm
Under Arm Seam38cm42cm44cm46cm
Sleeve Length 20.5cm21cm22cm23cm



5, 10 and 38" chest wearing Large

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