Rome Artifact


The 2020/2021 ‘Whitelines best freestlye board of the year’.


The Artifact was named as the ‘Whitelines best freestlye board of the year’ and has been totally overhauled to combine some of Rome’s latest and greatest tech, whilst still having the feel of a board built to eat up park laps. The board has an all new shape to Rome’s line-up, combining a classic true twin straight camber and Rome’s new Double Kick in the nose and tail. The classic camber gives the best response and pop a deck can offer, which makes the board versatile enough to be conformable blasting around the mountain too. The innovative Double Kick is a dynamic two part rise in the nose and tail, designed to create a flat spot on the nose and tail for better pressing spots in the board. This makes for better butters, pressing capabilities and landings. This technology was recently describes by Ilias Van Hoof, pro snowboarder, as cheating it was so good. Impact plates are another clever piece if tech the artifact benefits from. These plates reduce chatter through the choppy stuff and impact on landings. The stomp core is the most stable and predictable core Rome have on offer, and from first hand experience we can vouch this board was put through its paces by Fin Bremner and passed with flying colours. The Powerslide base is another new bit of tech by Rome, designed for premium wax retention and endurance. Rome’s critically acclaimed Bamboo hotrods are built in the nose and tail of the board to give the deck some serious pressabiliy. The medium soft flex of the board makes this the ideal board for anyone looking to progress their park riding to the next level.

Length (cm)
Waist size (mm)
Insert Setback (mm)
Side cut Radius (m)
Boot Size (UK)
Weight (kg)
153254.907.727 – 1154 – 84
156256.507.98 – 1161 – 91

Rene Rinnekanagas riding the Rome artifact on his way to winning gold in X Games real snow 2020


153, 156

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