K2 Broadcast


Used by Sage Kotsenburg, a directional Powder and All Mountain specialist.


The K2 Broadcast is like a best friend you can rely on to get you through anything. Backcountry kickers, side hit specials, untouched pow fields, fresh corduroy, spring park laps, banked slaloms–the directional K2 Broadcast has got your back through it all. The broadcast is a directional snowboard with a big nose and a small tail. Featuring camber between the feet and a lot of rocker at the nose and tail. It has a smooth and snappy flex that is set to stand the test of time. It gives a predictable floaty feel in deep snow and smooth butters and ground tricks. K2 sandwich the core with ICG™ 10 Biax Fiberglass for high speed stability and edge hold through choppy terrain, and add three millimeters of taper for a classic feel that gets you out of your turns with silky precision. It really is a fantastic board with a graphic that can make any shot look good. 



Length (cm)
Waist size (mm)
Insert Setback (mm)
Side cut Radius (m)
Boot Size (UK)
Weight (kg)
15624819.0586 – 10 54-91+
158W26319.058.19 – 13+ 59-104+


THIS BOARD IS A SAMPLE  –  This does NOT affect Quality or Performance but it does affect warranty. Any Questions Please Contact trinityvixx@post.com


156, 158w

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