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Ride Burnout in Vans ‘Evergreen’

The Vans EverGreen movie from 2019/20 season was released this past December and had the task of succeeding one of, if not the best received snowboard project of recent times, Vans ‘Landline’ (linked below)

As well as having to follow up land line, Evergreen is only Vans’ second full length, independent snowboard film and as the saying goes, the sequel will never be as good as the original, so we feel it’s fair to say it was always going to be a tough task to follow up. But director Tanner Pendleton hit a home run on Evergreen as it held up the standard set by landline putting their snowboard films in the highest calliper and one of the most prestigious to be featured in.

The film is built around a collective desire to create something special between a group of friends, as spoken by Director Tanner “As a team, everyone grows closer day by day,”. “As people, we’ve grown as well, both on and off the hill. I love each and everyone in this film so much and I hope that comes through in one way or another.” The movies visual aesthetics make the film to sort of thing your grandparents could appreciate more as a dynamic art piece rather than solely a snowboard production.

Featured in the film is Cole Navin and Spencer Shoeburt, both riding the Ride Snowboards Burnout we have in stock at £289.95 via our store & linked below .

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