Jed Andersons Reality Breakdown

Ride Snowboards Kink

Reality Breakdown as presented by Ride Snowboards is Jed Andersons full part filmed in North America. Filmed and edited by Jake Durham, this is a showcase of what two creative masterminds can put together. This is Jeds second full part since his return to the scene after some time out and it certainly seems as if he picked up where he left off.

*Spoiler Alert* The switch back 2 through the double kink is ridiculous as shows why he is still so highly regarded after bursting onto the scene filming for Sunday in the Park with Justin Mayer all those years ago.

This video is an excellent tribunal of what the kink is all about. For more info on the board follow the link below.

Reality Breakdown Presented By Ride Snowboards

If you’re interested in learning more about Jed and his story he was recently featured on the bombhole podcast which you can listen to via the link below and we’d highly recommend! 

Jed Anderson Featuring On The Bombhole Podcast
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